Adrien Broner Turned Away at the Door of Miami Nightclub

Adrien Broner just took another L … but, at least this time, it had nothing to do with boxing.

The prickly prizefighter was trying to get into the Voodoo nightclub with his crew Friday night when he was stopped at the door by security.

In the vid — shot by @theNYguys — Broner and the bouncer are seen having a long conversation in which he appears to be pleading to let them in … but to no avail.

Surprisingly, everything appears to end amicably, despite the boxer’s group being denied … Adrien extends a friendly handshake and leaves peacefully.

It’s unclear what the issue with their entry was … we’re working on it.As we reported … the boxer didn’t have a very good week, either — he kicked things off by posting a vile, homophobic rant threatening to shoot gay people and attack social media star Andrew C. Caldwell.

This resulted in Broner being hit with a restraining order.

Speaking of hits, he hasn’t been landing them well in the ring lately … he’s lost 2 of his last 3 fights, and the other one was a draw.

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