Cardi B Introduces Her ‘Hustlers’ Look With New Photo

Cardi B shared a behind-the-scenes pic of her Hustlers costume — including her sky-high heels — with her followers on Saturday (June 8).

The rapper is shooting the crime caper about strippers stealing from their stuffy Wall Street clients alongside Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Lizzo and more in her native New York. During a fitting, she gave a sneak peek of an ensemble her character, will presumably be wearing on screen.ardi posed for a quick selfie to show off the neon, strappy leotard and silver lace-up heels — and potentially revealed a character nam change, too: “Y’all ready for DIAMOND to come to a theater near you this fall?” (According to IMDb, her character’s name is Serena.)

Hustler’s hits theaters this September.