Cruise Ship Arrives Safely at Port After Mayday Chaos at Sea

Viking Sky cruise has finally docked safely in the port of Molde in Norway.The ship has regained some power and is being towed in by a tugboat and 2 supply ships. Only 500 people were airlifted from the distressed vessel. There are over 800 people still on board. Around 20 people sustained injuries as a result of being tossed around like rag dolls.

7:40 PM PT — The evacuation is ongoing and may go well into Sunday, as rescuers have been facing waves more than 20 feet high. Passengers have been getting airlifted out one at a time.

According to CNN … passengers were on a 12-day Northern Lights cruise that began on March 14 and was supposed to arrive at its final destination in England on March 26. The Viking Sky had been stopping at various Norwegian towns before the Saturday mayday call.

12:25 PM PT– A passenger just shared video from inside the cruise ship … and it’s terrifying. Furniture and large plants on deck of the tilting vessel are being thrashed around by the rough seas.Other reports are coming in from passengers who have made it back to the mainland, calling the experience the worst and scariest of their lives. One woman said there’s water and broken glass everywhere due to items being thrown around and smashing windows, and people are getting cut up. It’s easy to see how. There are still reportedly more than 800 people on board, as the helicopters can only rescue 10-15 at a time, and the rescue boats have been having difficulty in the rough waters.

Passengers on a cruise off of Norway’s coast are taking the ride of their lives … but not in the fun way they expected at all.

Police say the cruise ship Viking Sky issued a mayday call Saturday off of Norway’s western coast due to engine problems amid high waves and strong winds.

The ship’s 1,300 passengers and crew are being evacuated by several helicopters and ships after Norway’s sea rescue agency received the distress signal.