DJ Khaled and Kevin Hart Go to War Over Heat vs. 76ers!

Most polite war ever!!!

Here’s DJ Khaled telling TMZ Sports why the Miami Heat will come back and beat the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA playoffs.

And here’s Kevin Hart explaining why Khaled’s OUT OF HIS DAMN MIND!!!

The Heat are currently down 3-1 to the 76ers — and Philly can close it out Tuesday night in the City of Brotherly Love.

But Khaled — who’s a diehard Heat fan — ain’t giving up hope. In fact, he says Miami has that championship pedigree you can’t ever count out.

Enter Kevin Hart (or exit Kevin Hart) who says he’s getting on a plane and heading to Philly … and shocker, he’s repping hard for his squad.

We’ll see who emerges victorious Tuesday night …