Rapper: Shooting led to chase, crash down Grand Concourse

Rapper Toxic Crow says a shooting led to a car chase down Grand Concourse that ended in an abrupt crash.

The incident started on Walton Avenue and East 175th Street. Eyewitnesses tell News 12 that two known rappers from the Dominican Republic were at a barbershop when a group of individuals chased them and tried to take their jewelry.

Surveillance video shows Toxic Crow and his brother outside the barbershop. They are followed after they were talking to fans and walked away.

A gray sedan can be seen, as can people running out of the barbershop after hearing gunfire before the suspects run back to their car and flee.

A chase ended with Toxic Crow and his brother crashing into the suspects. More shots were fired.

Toxic Crow posted on Instagram that his brother was shot and his wife, fellow artist La Insuperable, was almost killed. Toxic Crow said in the post that he followed people who tried to rob him until they crashed.

Police are trying to make sense of the scene but tell News 12 that one person was shot near Julius Richman Park but has been uncooperative with the ongoing investigation.

Both rappers were scheduled to perform in New Jersey Friday night.