Richie Valentino The King of Long Island

Concert promoter turned recording artist, Richie Valentino is a force to be reckoned with.

Richie Valentino rose to prominence in Long Island New York as a successful nightclub and concert promoter. He is best known for executive producing the Jones Beach “Latin Nights” Concert Series and recording several voice overs for Grand Theft Auto the video game. His long track record of successful events earned him the nickname “king of Long island” from his concert patrons.

” I’ve been doing big events since college and I’ve easily produced over one thousand successful events. At those same events I was fortunate enough to meet a lot of loyal supporters and many of them started calling me “Mr.516”. In conversations people would ask “have you heard Valentino is bringing Sean Paul back to Long Island” or “Wow Valentino did it again”. Soon enough they started calling me “king of long island” so I guess it made sense. If you like to party, you make it your business to get to know the party plug, and through the years on Long Island that came to be me. Humbly I used to laugh about it, but after a while I just accepted it. I’m super grateful to those customers who are now starting to become my musical fans. I feel like Long Island is the forgotten borough. Geographically we are bigger than all of the other boroughs in NY, yet as far as talent is concerned in NY we are often looked over. We have an incredible amount of talent out here. It is beyond time the world should take notice of it so I’m making it my priority to push upcoming Long island talent starting with myself”

Valentino is also well recognized for his live performances at events all over Queens and Long Island. Now begins his journey into the Hip Hop world. In May 2020, he released his debut album “Multiple Personality” where he showcases his hidden Hip-Hop talents. Source Magazine describes it as “a must listen to album. Perfect hype music to keep you energized during your gym work out”Hot97’s Dj Drewski compared his first song “Blah Blah” to Eminem’s rhyme scheme. “Personally I don’t think I sound like anyone, I think my voice and my music style is real unique besides my slang of course, it’s very obviously from New York”. Valentino’s face has also been featured on several memes that have gone viral over the internet. The most popular meme shown below

“I was at a random bar deep in Long Island where some girl stopped me and asked me if I was the guy in this meme. She then showed me her phone where it was in fact me!” Richie Valentino is a proven successful concert producer, businessman and incredibly talented artist who is determined to show the world you can be both. Check out his debut project “Multiple Personality” now streaming on all platforms.



Album: Multiple Personality

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