WLS Sports ” Houston Texans Rookie KJ Dillon Gets a $16K Bill “

Houston Texans rookie defensive back KJ Dillon got stuck with a $16,000 dinner bill Monday night after a big night out with some of his teammates … a night that included $7,700 in cognac!!!
The DBs hit up Pappas Bros. Steakhouse in Houston — where they crushed everything from steak to lobster to bacon wrapped scallops.And don’t forget the 22 glasses of Hennessy Paradis Imperial — $7,700!
Total bill $16,255 … and that does NOT include tip!
Dillon later tweeted, “When you get left with the tab …”
FYI, Dillon ain’t exactly making Brock Osweiler money … he only signed a 4 -year deal worth $2.798 mil … which included a $234,936 signing bonus.
Hope the food was good.